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You do HVAC & Plumbing, we do marketing, and we’re really good at it!  You can get noticed, get more leads, and your company can grow with good marketing.  You can take advantage of power packed digital solutions without having to do extra work, or spending a wad of cash!  Book some time with us to talk about it and see if this might be a good fit for you!

What We Do

  • Professional Websites
  • Google My Business Pages
  • Bing, Yahoo Business Pages
  • Social Media marketing
  • Radius Ads (these are amazing!!)
  • Local Citations
  • Customer Review/Testimonials
  • Mobile App reviews tool
  • Retargeting Ads
  • And More…


Marketing Projects

Social Media Posts

Qualified Staff

HVAC / Plumbing Websites

Websites That Convert

We build SEO into all our websites, as well as sales strategies to get customers to reach out to you.

Marketing Strategy

You Will Get Seen

With strategies tested over time, you can benefit from years of testing and research.

Social Media

Social Media Sells

This is how your customers check you out now.  We encourage them to contact you!

Radius Ads

Target Neighbors of Your Current Customers

Land new customers in the areas you’re already working.  These are powerful and propriatary to Blast Marketing. 


Bring Potential Customers Back 

Retargeting is the most powerful way to stay in front of potential customers.


Reputation Marketing

We help people talk about and refer your business to their family and friends.

Why Work With Us?

You’ll Have A Blast With Us!

We certainly take your business seriously, but we have fun in the process (sometimes too much fun!).  We have fun because we all LOVE marketing.  Our talented young professionals are creative, enthusiastic, and the best way to stay this way is a fun working environment.  You’ll see the benefits of this in your marketing, in our service with a smile, and we know you’ll love working with us. 

Decades of Experience

While we do have some young professionals working at Blast Marketing, we also have some old codgers who say they’ve “been around the block” (whatever that means).  Mostly boring stories we’ve heard a dozen times.  But they do provide some good insights and experience when it comes to marketing strategies for HVAC and Plumbing companies.

We Know HVAC & Plumbing!

This is all we do!  We don’t work with dentists, chiropractors, or auto mechanics.  Nice people but not our gig.  We only work with HVAC and Plumbing companies.  This is important because we have been able to focus on these industries and go deep into what makes them grow and be successful.  We are connected at the corporate level for many of the major manufacturers and are able to get insight and direction from them on a regular basis.  Go with the pros who know your business!   

Flexible Plans

We’ve cooked up some excellent marketing plans to really get you noticed and in front of your potential customers.  Even the smallest one-man company can afford our plans, yet we’re strong enough to grow as your company grows with more extensive and customized marketing campaigns.  We grow along with you as your company grows.

Go Ahead And Give Us A Try!

When you have the experience, enthusiasm, and marketing expertise of Blast Marketing behind you, you have the best chance of success!  We don’t require long term contracts or commitments so there is no risk in giving us a try to see if you like working with our team of HVAC and Plumbing marketing professional.

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