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Why do we call ourselves “Blast Marketing Group”?  Because we simply have a blast doing what we do.  Our team is young, smart, and highly energetic.  We love promoting small businesses like yours and we often get a little crazy in the office.  You’ll love the energy we bring, and most importantly you’ll love the results you get when you can get in front of your best audience.


  • We have personal relationships with most of the HVAC Manufacturers and consult reguarly with them on your marketing.
  • One of our owners helped Google develop their initial algorithms?
  • We have developed our own in-house software to manage your social media campaigns for maximum effectiveness?
  • We have written all the software that manages your display advertising and retargeting campaign.
  • Blast Marketing has 13 full-time developers working around the clock to build some of the latest technologies on the market…that we use for your company!
  • We have done marketing for over 350 local businesses like yours?
  • We have written our own project management software so we can do exactly what is best for your projects with maximum efficiency and communication all along the way.
  • Our team members are only hired after they pass our “Wicked Smart” test.
  • We have way more fun than we should!

We would love to talk to you today about your company and discuss how you could get greater exposure, grow your income, and serve your community better.  Marketing is the life blood of successful companies.  We’d love to have a blast with you too!  Call us today!


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