Radius Ads

Getting New Customers Near Your Existing Customers

Radius Ads – Cutting Edge Customer Targeting

You Won't Find This Anywhere Else!

Now you can reach out to the neighbors around your existing customers, finding new customers right around your existing customers.  This not only builds your HVAC & Plumbing business, it builds it efficiently so you can get more service and repairs done in a shorter amount of time.  Did we mention this was proprietary?

What Are Radius Ads?

You can think of Radius Ads as the next generation of door hangers.  We ask you which are your best neighborhoods, and we show ads to the homeowners in that area.  It’s just like hiring a door-hanging company to canvas a neighborhood or two.  Except these homeowners see you every time they get on the internet, at home, on their phone, and even when they travel to work they’ll see you!

Each neighborhood is around a square mile, and we’re looking to target about 500 homes or so.  You get to pick your neighborhoods and we do the rest!

Radius ads are one of the best-kept secrets in the industry.  Literally, no one knows about them except for the HVAC & Plumbing companies using them.   The reason why is because it’s a strategy developed by us!  One of our genius owners spent a year and a half putting together some unbelievable technology to allow us to do this.  And this has paid off handsomely.  This is literally one of the greatest technologies we’ve ever developed.

How It Works

First, we find which neighborhoods you like to work in the most.  This could be because it’s an older neighborhood with homes that constantly need repairs on their HVAC and Plumbing, or it’s perhaps an affluent area so you can charge more for your services, or any other reason that is important to you.

Geo Mapping & Targeting

Next, we set up a Geo Map of that neighborhood, which is sort of like a target for that neighborhood.  This targets all the homeowners in the neighborhood.  We have technology that filters out the kids and teenagers and only focuses on the parents.

Next … and here’s something pretty cool … we then determine all the computers and phones that the homeowners use.  This includes their home computers, phones, tablets, and even the computer(s) they use at work.  This is seriously cutting-edge technology.

Showing Your Ads

Finally, we show them ads.  These ads are just like the ones you see after you leave Amazon, eBay, or Zappos that show you the coat, printer, or shoes that you were looking at the previous day.  You literally see those ads everywhere right?  Well, that’s what we do for you, except we show the neighborhood your ads.

Because this is so inexpensive, we can show them your ads a lot.  Like every day, until they need your services, and guess who they’re going to remember?… That’s right …. YOU!

So, What’s The Strategy?

We do this to not just grow your HVAC or Plumbing business, but to optimize your growth for maximum efficiency.  Not only are you serving your best customers, but you are also spending less time traveling which converts to more service and maintenance calls per day which means … more income for your business.

Cool eh?

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